Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eyebrow tinting with hair dye?

when you go get your eyebrows tinted, do they use the same product that they use to dye your hair?

are they supposed to?

isn't this dangerous?Eyebrow tinting with hair dye?
Yes they use the same, and no its not dangerous. If you go to a professional, they will use a wand to apply it on your eyebrows, and only keep it on for about 10 min, not as long as your hair. They usually use a wet wash cloth to wipe if off with, and it doesn't run into your eyes or anything. You'll be fine.Eyebrow tinting with hair dye?
i dont know what they use in the salons. I think they use regular hair dye. but if you use regular hair dye on your eyebrows you only leave the dye on them for 10 mins. NO longer. they can fall out then. eyebrows are very sensitive they dont need much. dont worry. everytime i dye my hair i do my brows too. and onlt leave it on for 10 mins. they come out great. good luck.
if done properly by a professional it is safe...hairdressers are trained in how to do this properly...most of the time the same product is NOT used for both, but it can be...dont do this at home can blind yourself
if the difference between hair and eybrows isnt that different then try just using a pencil to fill it in. They can sometimes mess up and you ca have too dark eyebrows or wayy too light
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