Monday, January 18, 2010

Is tinting your eyebrows bad for them??

A hairdresser completely ruined my hair... im ash blonde naturally and wanted to go bright blonde...which should have been pretty easy given my natural hair colour, but she made a huge mistake and it came out orange/yellow!!! so i went somewhere else and went dark... i wanted to tint my eyebrows cos there so blonde... i really liked the end result but it didnt last long at all... and someone suggested i do it myself... i like the result but dont want to keep doing it if its bad for them?? but my eyebrows are so fair that i hate having to fill them in EVERYDAY to look normal because my hair is so dark.... Someone please give me some advice... do i go for it and tint them regularly?? will my eyebrows fall out ??Is tinting your eyebrows bad for them??
its perfectly fine if you use the right products. go to a professional salon and have them do it. theyll give you advice on what to use and how to take care of them. just be carefulIs tinting your eyebrows bad for them??
You should just fill them in a bit with some eye shadow and an eyebrow brush.

Bummer on the color. You probably didn't need to go darker. It turned orange because it wasn't lightened enought the first time. Next time find someone you trust first. To find someone who knows what they are doing, go to and click on find the professionals. These people test out so you know they know what's up. Cheers

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